Our AI-powered gamma analysis gives powerful insights into stock moves.

Illuminate Market Forces

We harness options data that has long been utilized by large hedge funds and market makers. Our unique approach to assessing gamma structure reveals a stock's key price levels that are likely to be targeted and defended by Market Makers.

Our Gamma Exposure levels help identify the most likely direction and price targets.

Daily Stock Ratings

Get instant stock ratings for a universe of stocks.

Our algorithm analyzes a stock's underlying option structure to determine the most likely direction.

Know What Is "Priced In"

We show you how much "The Market" expects a stock to move by analyzing the price of put and call options

Automated Notifications

Monitor changes to your personal watchlist with our daily automated emails.

You can also choose to receive alerts for unusual options volume and gamma squeeze plays.

Reach your next level with data from Trading Volatility.

  • Ratings for thousands of stocks
  • Export expected moves and key price levels to TradingView or Think Or Swim
  • Get quick answers from our AI Analyst
  • Use our alerts to monitor changes to stocks on your watch list

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Tradier Brokerage

Real-time Data Upgrade

With our Tradier partnership, your Stocks+ subscription gets a real-time boost on our GEX Charts, SPX 0-DTE, and Options Volume pages.

After funding your account, use your Tradier API key on our site.