Export GEX Levels to TradingView and Think Or Swim

By Jay Wolberg | July 22, 2023
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TradingView is a web-based financial charting and data analysis platform which allows for relatively easy importing of custom data. Our gamma data is now available in a format which can be loaded onto a TradingView chart or to ThinkOrSwim.


You can import data into TradingView by adding a custom indicator using the instructions below.

Initialize the Gamma Levels Indicator

Initial setup of our Gamma_Levels indicator requires a one-time copy and paste of either the single ticker file or the multi-ticker file into TradingView by following these 4 short steps:

  1. Log in to your TradingView account (either free or paid) and go to the charts page
  2. Copy all the text from Pine source code file ( single or multi symbol )
  3. Open the Pine Editor Tab at the bottom of the page
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  5. Paste the text from the file into the Pine Editor. Click “Save” and “Add to chart.” A new window will pop up — just click Apply.
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The Gamma_Levels indicator is now stored into your chart and you will see it in the top level of the chart. To load a stock’s Gamma Levels, we will edit the indicator by hovering over the Gamma_Levels text and clicking on settings (the gear icon).

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Copy Gamma Levels Into TradingView

Next we will bring in our data for a given stock ticker with 3 steps.

  1. Grab the stocks’s data from the Trading Volatility website using our API. Note that your API key can be found on the Preferences page. Just enter the following into a new web browser window: https://stocks.tradingvolatility.net/api/gex/levels?username=YOUR_API_KEY&ticker=SPX
  2. The page response will be a string of text. Copy the page text into your clipboard (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C).
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  4. Back on TradingView charts, Click the Gamma_Level indicator’s settings icon. In the pop-up window, paste the text from above into the box and click OK.
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All done! Here’s the finished view for $SPX. This shows a chart with 1-hour candlesticks, but the levels will show on any chart timeframe you choose.

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Our Gamma Levels are updated daily for nearly 1,200 stocks, ETPs, and indexes. You can repeat the method above to copy and paste the Gamma Levels for a given stock for that day.

ThinkOrSwim Charts

You can also add these levels into your ThinkOrSwim trading platform as a study.

  1. Grab the data from Trading Volatility as above, using the “format=TOS” option. Enter the following into a new web browser window: https://stocks.tradingvolatility.net/api/gex/levels?username=YOUR_API_KEY&ticker=SPX&format=TOS
  2. Select all text and copy (CTRL+A then CTRL+C) the resulting text from the page.
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  4. In ThinkOrSwim, Click the Studies button
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  6. Click ‘Create’
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  8. Paste the text into the box
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  10. Click ‘OK’ then click ‘Apply.


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Note that stocks that don’t have significant gamma concentrations or enough gamma strikes may not return the full gamma data.