Multi-Ticker Gamma Levels Export

By Jay Wolberg | October 24, 2023
Tags: Partnerships

Getting GEX Levels for TradingView is now even easier

In July we announced the ability to export our GEX Levels to TradingView and ThinkOrSwim.

We've made some updates to allow you to get the GEX Levels for all the tickers on your watchlist at once, and then copy them into TradingView.

It works like this:

Step 1.
Start on My Dashboard:

Click the 'Download TradingView Gamma Levels For Your Watchlist' button.

My Dashboard

Copy the resulting text (for expediency, use Select-All (Ctrl-A) & Copy (Ctrl-C)):

File Output

Step 2.
On TradingView:

Paste the Data into the TradingView Pine Editor

  1. Log in to your TradingView account (either free or paid) and go to the charts page
  2. Open the Pine Editor Tab at the bottom of the page:
  3. Paste the text in the Pine editor:
  4. Pine Editor
  5. Click 'Save' and 'Add to chart' if this is the first time adding the script. (Use 'Update on Chart' if you are updating the script.)
  6. Pine Editor
  7. Click 'Pine Editor' to close the editing tab


Now when you browse the charts for tickers on your watchlist, the GEX levels are there.

Pine Editor