Multi-Ticker Gamma Levels Export To ThinkOrSwim

By Jay Wolberg | November 19, 2023
Tags: Partnerships

1-click retrieval for a thinkScript for use on ThinkOrSwim

In July we announced the ability to export our GEX Levels to TradingView and ThinkOrSwim.

We've made some updates to allow you to get the GEX Levels for all the tickers on your watchlist at once, and then copy them into the ThinkOrSwim platform.

It works like this:

Step 1.
Start on My Dashboard:

Click the 'Download ThinkOrSwim Gamma Levels For Your Watchlist' button.

My Dashboard

Copy the resulting text (for expediency, use Select-All (Ctrl-A) & Copy (Ctrl-C)):

File Output

Step 2.
On ThinkOSwim:

Paste the text into a thinkScript Study.

  1. In ToS, click on the Tools tab and then the thinkScript tab.
  2. On the Top-Right side click “+” and “Study” to create a new Study:
  3. Pine Editor
  4. When prompted, enter the name for the Script (e.g. GexLevels) and click “Create.”
  5. Pine Editor
  6. In the script editor that opens, delete the first line and copy in the text output from step 1, then click Save.
  7. Pine Editor
  8. You can now use the “Edit Studies” menu on your charts. Search for you new Study (“GexLevels”), click on the study, press “Add Selected” and click OK.
  9. Pine Editor


The GEX levels are viewable in your chart for all your watchlist tickers.

Pine Editor

Note that there is no automatic update of GEX Levels into ThinkOrSwim.

You will need to get new output from the My Dashboard page and copy/paste that over your GexLevels study to keep data fresh.

Our GEX Levels are updated twice each day, once in the first 30 minutes of the trading day and once in the last 40 minutes of the trading day.